10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

1. Visibility

It's 2018 and potential customers expect even the smallest business to have a website and an online presence. Without one, you might not seem like a serious or credible company. When you have a quality, you can look just as professional as any established competitor. Without a site, you’re missing out on any customers who may try to check your business online.


2. Beat the Competition

Even if you don't have a website or don't think anyone in your industry needs one, you can be sure your competitors will be on the web. Just try it out now, you'll see! If customers can’t find you in a quick search, they’re bound to find someone else and give them their business. It's a guarantee that if you get a website (a NICE one!) and use it properly, it will give you a leg up on the competition. 


3. Become an International Business

A brick and mortar location is great for serving your local area. Having a website allows you to promote, sell and advertise to anyone, anywhere in the world! You can reach online customers all over the country, or even internationally. The cost of having a website is MUCH LOWER than selling from a physical storefront.


4. Gather E-mails for an E-mail list

This may sound crazy, but yes, people still use e-mails and so can you! You probably spend a lot of time trying to reach potential customers. When you have a website, you can prompt visitors to provide their e-mail in exchange for content or promotions. Once you build your e-mail list, you can send promotional campaigns to your potential customers and offer them your products or services. It works!


5. Use Social Media to your Advantage

Today’s consumers use all sorts of social media. However, when you display your products and services on someone else’s platform, you don’t have control of the conversation and layout. Having a website gives you a simple way of turning online talk into potential customers. You can connect with them on social media and invite them to your website and close the sale! 


6. Keep your Customers Updated

To stay competitive, your business needs to evolve and try new things. This would involve keeping your customer constantly updated. A website gives you a simple platform to let people know what you’re offering and it's very important to keep it fresh and new, otherwise, visitors to your website might wonder if your business is still operational. 


7. Get Indexed and Reviewed

There are lots of places online to have your business listed or reviewed. Nothing compares to getting found on Google.  Anyone looking for services or products will be sure to google the name of what they are searching for. Then, they will look for reviews and make sure they make the right choice. Without a website for people to find you’re simply missing out!


8. Promote Special Events

Special events can be a great way to attract new customers. Whether it’s an open house, a sales convention, or even just a special discount, you need to get the word out. It’s important that your website is available as a credible source of information people can check anytime. A website makes it easy to have an events calendar to keep your clients updated.


9. Show off your Inventory

A website can be the easiest way to display what you’re selling. Printing a catalogue can be expensive, and distributing costs even more. Posting your inventory online is low-cost, and gives you endless possibilities. Most businesses have moved almost completely in this direction. 


10. Open for business 24/7!

You can’t be in the office all the time and it's normal to have office hours. A website allows customers to interact with your business even when you’re closed! Imagine waking up in the morning to a sale your website made while you were sleeping? At the very least, a contact page can allow them to submit their questions when they want and you have a brand new lead. 

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