Can we still trust Facebook?

It's highly probable that you have a personal Facebook page. Perhaps you created a page for your organization. Some of you might have even gone the extra mile and created a group for discussions on Facebook.

However,  Facebook has been in hot water lately due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You can read about it here:

Even though Facebook is going through a few bumps. It's hard to ignore how important Facebook has become in our everyday lives.


At Switch Websites, we believe that Facebook is a very valuable tool that will be here for you to use for a long while.

Here are three points for you to consider as you navigate your way through Facebook.

1. Everyone else is doing it!

No, this isn't your mom lecturing you about peer pressure and wondering if you'll jump off a bridge because all your friends are doing it! According to a Pew research study (2016), almost 70 percent of adults in America are active Facebook users. If you want to effectively reach an audience, this is currently one of the best ways to do it. 

You can do so by creating a page and inviting your friends to like the page. We also really love groups. With groups, you can online invite people you know, but 100% of everything that gets posted in a group can be seen by everyone (if they scroll through facebook) without you having to pay. 


2. Advertising

Once you have built an audience it becomes easier and easier to spend a few dollars boosting posts. Facebook makes it simple and convenient to figure out how you want to boost a post. Boosting a post is when you pay Facebook to show your posts to your followers or even friends of followers.


If you have a facebook page, your organic reach (amount of followers that actually see your posts) is very low. However, if you have a special event, you can boost a post and get more awareness for pennies!

Facebook is working on ways to make this process more effective and safe for everyone. 

3. Trust

Trust in a company is very important. However, we think it's best to not get too sucked into the media hype surrounding this recent issue. The fact remains that Facebook still handles Billions of dollars in advertising dollars (almost 40 billion in 2017) and they will patch up any issues like this to make their service even better. If you are personally bothered by this, you can easily avoid these problems by limiting the amount of personal information that you submit online.

You can read Mark Zuckerberg's apology and resolution to improve this issue here:



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